Victim of an
aircraft accident?

Aviation: a complex world

Accidents and incidents involving aeroplanes, helicopters or any other aircraft often lead to complex technical investigations and legal proceedings that raise many questions about the causes of the accident or incident, those responsible and how to compensate it.

Therefore, if you or one of your loved ones are the victim of such an accident or incident as a passenger, pilot, owner or operator of an aircraft, do not hesitate to contact us without delay for initial advice without obligation on how best to preserve your immediate and longer-term interests.

As lawyers specialising in assisting aviation victims, we relieve you of your worries and take all the necessary steps to safeguard your interests, from the day of the accident or incident until the end of the compensation process.

Immediate needs

Determining the immediate needs of victims following the accident or incident, as well as taking the steps with insurers to cover them.

Investigation's follow-up

Proactive monitoring of the technical investigation procedure aimed at determining the causes of an accident or incident, both in civil and military aviation.

External experts

The selection and hiring of external experts - in the technical, medical, meteorological, air traffic fields, etc. - if necessary for the defence of the victims' interests in the technical investigation and judicial proceedings.

Legal actions

The filing and monitoring of any action for damages and criminal liability before the competent civil and criminal courts.


The negotiation of an out-of-court compensation agreement with the insurer, owner, operator or maintenance company of the aircraft involved.

Advice, legal opinion

Comprehensive advice or a legal opinion in matters of civil or criminal liability and technical investigation procedure, from the angle of the relevant international regulations, in particular for cases that fall outside the competence of the Swiss authorities.

Philippe Renz

Philippe Renz is a partner in the law firm Renz & Partners, which specialises in aviation. Prior to this, he conducted a number of administrative and criminal investigations in commercial and private aviation for 8 years as a lawyer with the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

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Daniel Gränicher

Daniel Gränicher is a partner in the law firm Renz & Partners. He worked as a lawyer at the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation for 3 years and has subsequently developed a solid experience in criminal and civil law, which he uses in the context of his aviation cases.

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